Handwoven Alpaca Wrap Bracelet - Blue, Pink and Black

South America

• Material: 100% Alpaca Wool and Natural Dyes
• Ma
in Colors: Blue, Pink and Black, White Beads
• Size: Approx 34" long x 1/2"- 1/8" from widest to narrow
• Origin: Peru
• Bracelet: You will receive this exact bracelet wrapped around a story card and in a jewelry box, box size and color will vary. Photos of the blue bracelet shown wrapped around the card is for sample ONLY. 
• Packaged: Story Card and Jewelry Gift Box Included

Handwoven Alpaca Wrap Bracelet
These wrap-around bracelets, senkapas – were handwoven in Peru using all alpaca, wool and natural dyes. The bracelet has white beading along its length. Wrap the bracelet a few times around the wrist and tie at the end to fasten.