Beaded Yellow Deer by MonkeyBiz


• Size: Approx 12" high, 10.5" x 3" deep
• Colors: Yellow, Green, Brown
• Materials: Beads, Rubber & Metal Stuffing
• Origin: MonkeyBiz, Cape Town, South Africa

This whimsical beaded Elephant is made by women of MonkeyBiz a non-profit, income-generating bead project. Departing from the culture of mass-produced curio craft, each artwork is unique. Focusing on women's economic development they have established a vibrant community of more than 450 bead artists. Many of these women are the sole breadwinners in their households. These pieces are about craftsmanship, exceptional design, sustainable employment, and health development in the most under-resourced areas of South Africa. All MonkeyBiz profits are reinvested in the community.